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As a child growing up in the Old City of Jerusalem, Meir dreamed of being a shepherd. After moving to the town of Adei Ad at age 13 with his parents, he began to learn the art of tending to a goat pen by working for one of the local shepherds. His dream began to materialize when Meir received a young goat from his boss as a gift, and then bought another one to keep it company.

Later, he sold the two baby goats and instead bought a new breed of goats that had just recently been brought to Israel from the Alps. This new breed is characterized by excellent, healthier milk with no aftertaste, as well as an increased quantity of milk production.  He made his first cheeses in his parents’ kitchen, until it got too crowded for his needs.

Today, visitors can enjoy a cheese tasting tour or a hands-on cheesemaking workshop at the small dairy adjacent to the house where he lives with his wife and baby daughter. Yoghurts, labaneh, cheeses and milk can be purchased at the site. It is recommended to call before your visit.