Mitzpe Yericho was founded over thirty years ago as a religious communal town in which most of the residents have studied in Yeshivot (institution of higher Jewish studies) and maintain a strongly religious lifestyle. Among the residents are physicians, nurses, lawyers, computer and high tech professionals, social workers, business people, teachers and more. In Mitzpe Yericho, there are several synagogues, mikvaot (ritual baths), a library, indoor playroom, sports fields and courts, educational institutions, health clinics and more.

Local employment includes desert excursions, a high school and Yeshiva, an elementary school, kindergartens and a day care center, and an after-school facility. There are also local businesses in the fields of electronics, air conditioning installation, a glass art studio, a scientific games company, vacation rentals, an events hall and various enrichment activities for children and adults.


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