Whether you're looking to step on the soil of the very sites mentioned in the Bible, see the communities that are their modern counterparts, or simply breathe in the clean, natural air and relax at a mountain spring - the Binyamin region has what you're looking for!

You can personalize visits to include a few of the central landmarks in the region, organize visits based on a theme such as agriculture and wine, the Bible and archaeology, or according to the different regions.

Organized tours can also be booked for groups (over 10 participants) interested in booking a half-day or full day tour in advance. Geopolitical tours are especially suited for organized delegations. VIP tours are also available.

In Binyamin, there are a variety of tour guides who speak different languages. At most of the tourist attractions, English tours are available, and by prior reservation, tours in Spanish, French or Russian can also be arranged. We recommend booking tours at least two weeks before the desired date. For visits to individual sites, booking a few days in advance is sufficient.

For more information about B&B's, sites, restaurants and more - click here.

Call the Binyamin Tourism Department at +972-2-5477754 to book your tour and hear all about the region!

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Popular questions:

Where are the Binyamin mountains?

The Binyamin region is located at the heart of the country, and all of the main highways lead to it: from the Dead Sea – Highway 1; from Jerusalem – Highway 60; from central Israel – Highway 443 and Highway 5.

How do we get there?

The Binyamin region can be reached by public transportation, with a rental car or by taxi from neighboring cities.

Where can we sleep?

Rooms are available in dozens of vacation rentals located throughout the Binyamin communities.

For more information about the B&B's click here

Where can we enjoy a great meal?

There are several dairy and meat restaurants, primarily near the tourist attractions. Reservations must be made for some of the restaurants. Grocery items may be purchased at the local supermarkets located in every community.

Where can we hear about the touring options in the region?

Before your visit – contact the Tourist Information Center at  +972-2-5477754

The Information Center is located at the Maavar Michmas gas station, opening hours:

Sunday 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Monday-Thursday 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Can we tour the region independently or is joining an organized tour preferable?

There are many nature sites that can be visited independently and free of charge. In order to visit the tourist attractions, participate in an artisan workshop or enjoy a guided tour, it is preferable to book your visit in advance. At some of the attractions, there is an entrance fee. For groups interested in discovering this region close up, we recommend hiring a local tour guide. Additional information can be found at the information center.

Is it possible to arrange transportation for a visit through the Binyamin tourism?

It is possible to rent a minibus or a bus for groups only by booking in advance.

We are interested in learning about the geopolitics of the area and meeting central figures from the towns. Is this possible?

One of the organized tours that we offer is a tour that emphasizes the politics of the region. These tours or meetings can be arranged in advance through the Tourism Department or the Spokespersons Department of the regional council. Contact them using the designated link at the bottom of the homepage.

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